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Explore our programs as a volunteer to become part of our activist network - discover which ones spark your interest and how you can make a difference.

The Power of Programs

As a newly established Chapter, we are excited to share our evolving programs aimed at creating a positive impact. Our main goal is to tackle plastic pollution, while also working to protect public beach access, combat climate change, and promote universal access to clean water for recreational activities.


Beach Cleanups

While cleanups may not solve all our problems, they definitely make a splash in raising awareness and keeping our beaches pristine and safe for everyone to enjoy! Don't miss out on joining us for our three coastal cleanups in 2024 - sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned to our events page for all the juicy details on when and where we'll be!

Ocean Friendly Restaurants

Let's face it, single-use food packaging is the reigning champ in our cleanups year after year. That's why we cooked up the Ocean Friendly Restaurants Program - a clever business tactic to cut down on plastic waste in the food industry. Join us in getting local restaurants on board!